Eventgrid: Online Ticketing Platform [Review]

Eventgrid is an online registration and ticketing platform for conferences, seminars, concerts, tours and festivals. Here is our review. The online event registration market is a highly competitive area which is constantly developing and evolving to meet the demands of Event Planners. A… Read more

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11 Tips for Better Event Floral

Nothing brightens up a day, or an event space, like beautiful floral. But does a rose by any name smell just as sweet? Not necessarily! In this blog post we share tips on how to buy better event florals. Live and Reusable? While everyone loves the bright splash of cut flowers, live arrangements…

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Event Swag: From Drag to Brag in Four Steps

Love them or hate them, promotional event products are the bread and butter of the event industry, worth over $17 billion. A good product can entice interest and create a positive impression for your brand. A bad product can put customers off, erode goodwill and create waste. So how do you increase…

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Are you an Event Planner or an Event Doer?

Event Planners are busy people. It is easy for Event Planning to turn into Event Doing. How can you ensure you are an Event Planner, not an Event Doer?

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Proven Ways of Using Beacons to Redefine the Event Experience

This is a sponsored post written by Jeff Sinclair, Co-Founder, Eventbase. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.  As the number of events with cutting-edge technology and elaborate activations continues to grow, so too does the need to push the envelope when it…

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5 Signs You Made a Bad Speaker Choice

Hiring a speaker for your event can be a daunting task. Finding someone who can speak knowledgeably within your niche and also gel with the vibe of your event can, on occasion, feel like attempting to set up a friend on a blind date. You work hard to find the perfect match, but in the end, the…

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Virtual Tickets Can Make Your Association Money. No, Really.

Many associations assume virtual conference tickets are a loss leader designed to build interest and a wider audience. But they don’t have to be. How can your association make the virtual ticket appealing to those with budgetary and time constraints and still turn a profit? The answer lies…

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Belly dance performance at the Crown Casino

Source: paninternational.com.au

PAN was part of the ‘Diamonds are girls best friends’ charity gala at the Crown Casino with amazing belly dancers.

Fantasy and Romance – Melbourne Authors

Spend an evening with celebrated romance and fantasy authors based here in our home town of Melbourne.

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HelloCrowd: Mobile Event App

,HelloCrowd is a mobile event app solution for Event Planners running 1 to 1,000 events a year, with a subscription pricing model. Here is our review.

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