Western Creation performed a humorous Welcome to Australia, traditional dances and didjeridoo throughout the evening at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Asia – Pacific Amateur Championship

Western Creation performed a humorous Welcome to Australia, traditional dances and didjeridoo throughout the evening at the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday 25 October. Their performance launched the Asia – Pacific Amateur Championship Golf Cup with deleguates from 35 countries participating.

Western creation new

During the celebration of Broadmeadows Shopping Centre’s 40 Years of Multiculturalism anniversary.

Broadmeadows Shopping Centre Roving Performances

During the celebration of Broadmeadows Shopping Centre’s 40 Years of Multiculturalism anniversary, customers enjoyed diverse acts and even got amongst the dancing to try a few moves themselves!

Our roving entertainers engaged with the customers, dancing with them and causing smiles throughout the centre. The day started off with Bollywood dancing which was followed up with some percussive African drumming. Returning to dancing once again, our performers set the bar high with some Indonesian dance and belly dancing. The successful day ended with Turkish rhythms as the centre was activated all day with live entertainment.


Performing the haunting strains that evoke spirits from the dreamtime, this musical instrument transport listeners to receive an insight into the identities of this fascinating culture.

Western Creation perform at the Melbourne Museum

Chevron Reception for The GlobalFund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Tristan Harris from Pan International’s leading Indigenous touring group Western Creation was a key performer during the Chevron Reception at Melbourne Museum on 22 July 2014 part of the 20th International AIDS Conference. As a member of the Noongar tribe and the Bibbulmann clan, Tristan performed the didgeridoo to a room full of international delegates.


Performing the haunting strains that evoke spirits from the dreamtime, this musical instrument transports listeners to receive an insight into the identities of this fascinating culture. The performance was received extremely well by both the audience and client who were moved by the music.


Multicultural Festival for bestchance Child Family Care

Multicultural Festival for bestchance Child Family Care

bestchance Child Family Care held its annual festival on Sunday, 13th October, produced and staffed by PAN personnel and a dedicated band of volunteers. Despite on ominous weather forecast, the festival delighted audiences with an array of stunning multicultural performances from the very youngest of the Children’s Services’ kinder classes to the Chinese Senior Citizens of Kingston and everyone in between.

bestchance Child Family Care, located in Glen Waverley, is an independent, not-for-profit, community organisation providing educational and welfare services.

The festival brought families and friends together to celebrate multicultural diversity. The morning’s program was reserved for official speeches by bestchance’s CEO Kevin Feeney, MP Neil Angus and the Mayor of Monash Micaela Drieberg; in addition to an unveiling of the plaque recognising the founders of the Burwood Boys Home and its development into the world class facility it is today.

Discovering some sunshine, a host of artists beckoned the crowd outside and the stage welcomed local cultural acts such as:

Jindi Worabak Aboriginal dancers

Red Chamber Chinese Opera

Kingston Chinese Senior Citizens Club for traditional Han dances and Chinese flute

Mai Nachungi Dance Company for Bollywood dancing

bestchance children performing songs and dances

Tanishka, Academy of Indian Classical Dance for Bharatanatyam

bestchance staff multicultural fashion show

African drumming with Tawanda Gadzikwa

Chinese Lion Dance from the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne

Monash Salvation Army Youth Band

Jalisco and Tequila for a Mexican dancing duo

Local singing sensation, Rachel Constanzo

La Cumbiamba with some fun, interactive Colombian dances


Meanwhile, kids were actively learning about different cultures playing all sort of circus games with The Dreaming Space. The youngest were making their own costumes under the craft tent and the teenagers were getting a traditional Indian henna tattoo.


To be sure to delight the most sophisticated taste buds, the day offered an extensive array of multicultural food stalls. Attendees were able to try Vietnamese food on-the-go, an Australian barbecue, Himalayan traditional rice dishes, African delicacies, Japanese crepes just to name a few.

In the typical fashion of the multicultural city, Melbourne offered the standard unpredictable weather, living up to the ‘four seasons in a day’ tag. Despite this unpredictable weather, the energy of the performers was enough to warm up the crowd and amaze the kids.

We’d like to thank Diana, Vicki, Kevin and all the bestchance staff for their support in helping us produce a fantastic festival. For photos of the day, see our Facebook page: here

Red Earth Arts Festival 2012

Red Earth Arts Festival 2012

PAN International is thrilled to have secured the contract to organise the Red Earth Arts Festival 2012. 2012 REAF aims to bring diverse art and cultural acts to the community of Pilbara and the surrounding regions. PAN has a quality programme lined up for this year’s festival which promises to deliver anticipation, excitement and a quality experience.

The Red Earth Arts Festival will take place from the 31st of August -23rd September 2012 in the Shire of Roebourne, WA encompassing the five towns of Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne, Wickham & Point Samson.

REAF 2012 aims to be a vehicle for local and external artists to exhibit their creative work. A concerted effort will be made towards community involvement in the festival in order to facilitate the Shire’s overall goal of transforming the community into a lively, outstanding, “City of the North”.

The theme devised for this year’s Festival by Artistic Director Peter Mousaferiadis is “Bringing the World to the Pilbara”.

The Australia Day Voyages Concert is a concept of the VOYAGES concert was developed by PAN International.

Australia Day Concert 2012: What’s in your Suitcase?

Australia Day concert 2012

What’s in your suitcase?

January 26,2012 – 7pm- Sydney Myer Music Bowl

Since 2004 I have been staging the Australia Day Concerts in Melbourne. Each year a different theme is chosen to celebrate the rich cultural heritage that makes up our wonderful nation. Past themes have included: Stories of Migration, Bunjil the Eaglehawk, The Way of the Bagpipe, Just Me ’n My Guitar, Moon Cow (based on Oxen), Drum on Drum Oz, The Big Bang (Creation Stories) and last year we brought to you “Blow Your Horn for Australia Day”, through which a narrative explored the German link to our unofficial National Anthem Waltzing Matilda.

In 2012, the concert is titled “What’s In Your Suitcase?”, and includes the InterACT Arts Project. InterACT connects professional artists from different cultural backgrounds with community groups to develop a multi arts production which promotes diversity to main-stream audiences. The concept of the suitcase was borne out of workshops with many residents in different parts of Melbourne. In these workshops we unpacked the notion of the “suitcase” where we explored culture, identity, memories and stories that make up Australia today.

A suitcase conjures up many things in people’s minds. As the son of Greek immigrants how often did I hear my parents exclaim the overly used cliché “We came here with Just a Suitcase In One Hand” and a relatively empty one at that. I am sure we all connect some way or another with a suitcase.

As I explore these ongoing themes it never ceases to amaze me as humans just how much more we have in common than difference.

Australia Day is a day to celebrate the past and present but more importantly it is a day to celebrate all things in a fun and exciting
new way. Tonight we have many surprises. We invite you to all join in during the sing-a-long to many of Australia’s favourite songs,
and if you don’t know the words then just sit back and watch as the suitcase begins to tell you the stories of the songs you will hear during the contemporary medley.

Happy Australia Day!

What’s In Your Suitcase?

Peter Mousaferiadis

President’s cup gala dinner, performance with different artists in Melbourne

President’s cup gala dinner

PAN International was fortunate enough to provide five incredible performances for the President’s Cup Gala Dinner on Tuesday 15th November at the Palladium Room, Crown Casino.

Showcasing the cream of PAN’s multicultural artists, we produced exciting Taiko drummers, a beautiful Korean fan dance, a heart stopping Hakka, a dynamic contemporary South African drum and dance performance as well as a gospel rendition of the ever patriotic Ray Charles version of ‘America the Beautiful’.

The audience was wowed by each performance, with many expressing amazement at the authenticity, excitement and beauty of each performance. So much so, that the performers received a full standing ovation from the 1,000 strong crowd of VIP guests.  Overall the night was extremely successful and we would like to thank all those who participated in the event.

You will be enthralled by this unique and skilled art medium as you witness the masterful creativity of the sand artist unfolding before your eyes.

Tell a story through sand – Live sand animation artistry


PAN International prides itself on representing unique event entertainment. For the XVIII International Botanical Conference, PAN provided Lela McGregor – an exciting and dynamic sand animation artist. A relatively new art form, as Lela’s hands move through the sand, she can eloquently depict a story through live animation, which is then projected on a screen for the audiences’ viewing pleasure. For each client, PAN International will work with you to develop a storyboard that is unique and appropriate for your evnet.


See images and video of Lela’s beautiful sand art!

PAN International can create and manage arts, culture and entertainment events

PAN International welcomes students to Melbourne


PAN International, unlike other event entertainment agencies, often produce high quality artistic productions and performances. In August 2011, PAN International produced a beautiful intercultural dance piece for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Welcome Reception for International Secondary School Students. The piece included four dancers representing Indian, Indigenous Australian, Japanese and contemporary youth cultures. The four minute routine, choreographed by PAN’s in-house choreographer, Flic Manning, skilfully showcased and blended the four dance styles and received with high regard by both client and audience.


Performing across Australia and the world for over 20 years, Western Creation offers an enthralling insight into traditional indigenous Australian performance arts.

Jindiworraback Dancers – Traditional Indigenous performance


PAN International represents a number of incredible multicultural artists. Of these artists, is the Jindiworraback Dance group, a group of talented Indigenous male dancers. Hailing from a range of tribes across Victoria and Australia, Jindiworraback pride themselves on their professionalism and their ability to display their cultural heritage with authenticity.

See film captured at the Toyota Indonesia Gala Dinner in June 2011.


Jindi Worrbak Dance Crew

The Jindi Worrbak Dance Crew