Event Sessions: Brands must not compromise experiences for ROI

Brand experiences do not always need to deliver ROI, according to Innocent brand manager Jamie Sterry, who spoke at Event’s roundtable series Event Sessions, which took place at Home Place in London today (28 May).

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4 Criteria to Select an Amazing Event Moderator

The perfect moderator for all events does not exist. In order to make every meeting a success, you will have to select the moderator with the skills to match your event. Here are tips for selecting the right event moderator.

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WordPress Event Management

Event Management, a Flipboard topic with the latest stories powered by top publications and the best from the Flipboard community

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Victorian Architecture Awards Exhibition

Victorian Architecture Awards Exhibition

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5 Venues Embracing Innovation

Here are the top 5 venues we met at IMEX who really embrace innovation, technology and sustainability. The venues featured include NH Hotels, Amsterdam RAI, Swiss Convention Centre, Disneyland Paris and Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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3 Myths of Mobile Apps for Events

Mobile Apps for Events – The new buzz word, the new big technology play in the event and conferencing industry. They’re great and there’s no doubt that they can add enormous value to your attendees not to mention the savings in printing costs.

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Things to do this Weekend!

What’s On this Weekend.

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5 Event Planner Clichés That Are No Longer True

There are a lot of cliches surrounding event planning and the role of Event Planners which have graduated to full on myths. Here are our top 5!

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Event TV: Ikea’s Breafast in Bed Café

Ikea’s Breakfast in Bed Café, a concept that enabled people to enjoy breakfast in bed in London’s Shoreditch

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How to Improve an Event Experience: The $1 Billion Question

What will the event experience of the future be like? What can Event Planners learn from Disney and how can we apply that to our events and exhibitions?

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