VIP Contemporary Indigenous Performance



During the Victoria Invitation Program dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria, Maurial and her troop performed an exquisite up-close personal look at contemporary Indigenous dance, through its unique and ancient storytelling. A Victorian Government event with attendance from the Premier, guests from around the world were in awe of their beautiful portrayal of works evoking the past and present.  The audience were enthralled by this special performance, the only live component of the program to introduce visitors to Indigenous culture.

Chinese New Year at Sovereign Hill

Our renowned Chinese acrobat performed at Sovereign Hill’s Chinese New Year celebrations alongside other fantastic performers on 22 February.  Audiences were amazed by the Chinese acrobat’s feats with the Diablo (ancient Chinese spinning instrument) and her skills with plate spinning and ribbon dancing, which created a splendid show of color and flexibility. Ms Lee is a leading Chinese acrobat with experience in the Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe.

Cricket World Cup Performances

PAN International’s amazing Bollywood dancers succeeded to make dance supporters from India at the Cricket World Cup 2015 at the match on Sunday 22nd February against South Africa. On Thursday 26th February, the Sri Lankan dancers who performed at Birranrung Marr to encourage players for the match against Bangladesh, and to bring a cheerful atmosphere for cricket’s supporters. Both groups performed traditional dances from their countries with grace, which transported us to Asia for several magic moments.