Western Creation at Swinburne Grad Ceremony

Western Creation performs at the Swinburne Graduation Ceremony on December 20, 2013.

On December the 20th,  Western Creation will be performing at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the occasion of the Swinburne University of Technology’s second round graduation ceremony.

About Western Creation:

Members of the Noongar tribe and the Bibbulmann clan, Western Creation are one of the most inspiring Indigenous groups currently performing.
For over 20 years, Western Creation have been performing across Australia and touring through the USA and New Zealand.

Using many aspects of Aboriginal culture, including dance, music, song, art and history, Western Creation bring Australia’s Indigenous people into the hearts and minds of their audiences.
With family members involved, Western Creation have been involved in many large events across the country, including Australia Day concerts, Davis Cup ceremonies, Harmony Day celebrations, museums and exhibitions.