World Music


This exotic musician can serenade guests with traditional gypsy music, jazz and the best multicultural flavours. A popular, versatile roving & concert performer featuring accordion and vocals, if desired, he will take you back to the ‘Old Country’ with his gypsy arrangements of traditional tunes. He also has an exciting selection of international folk classics from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and the Middle East as well as Gypsy and Cafe Jazz. For a fuller sound he can also be accompanied by a world class violinist.

This artist is very experienced in a broad variety of music. He conducted aboriginal and trade union choirs in the Northern Territory. He’s been a piano player in hotels, he has been involved in jazz and world music groups like a middle-eastern group, a flamenco ensemble a Latin group and a French band. He has also composed music for films, documentaries, music ensembles and dancers. His passion for the Eastern sound deepened during his travels to the Middle-East and subsequent studies in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco where he collected and studied the ney and Oriental makams.


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