Vietnamese Monochard and Moon Lute



This performer (pictured here with a dan nguyet) is a composer, performer and educator. She is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, specializing in Vietnamese strings (dan tranh zither, dan nguyet lute and dan bau monochord) and percussion. She holds many national awards from Vietnam and has been active in performing Vietnamese music and creating cross-cultural music. Her music matches her beauty.

A monochord is an ancient musical and scientific laboratory instrument. The word “monochord” comes from the Greek and means literally “one string.” A misconception of the term lies within its name. Often monochords have more than one string. In a basic monochord, a single string is stretched over a sound box.

The đàn tranh is a plucked zither of Vietnam. Pictured here it has a wooden body and either 16 or 17 steel strings, each of which is supported by a bridge in the shape of an inverted “V”. The đàn tranh can be used either as a solo instrument, or can be accompanied by singing.


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