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What do you get when you cross a musician, an actor & a cartoonist? An amazing adventure! Pack your drums, your sunscreen, your sense of humor and join the three brothers as they ride the waves of drum n’ bass in a slapstick, percussive, cartoon adventure around Australia and the world.

The first brother is the professional, funky, music maestro leader of the pack who knows if it wasn’t for his two bumbling brothers he would be a superstar touring the world with the rich & famous. The second one, next in line thrives on bass guitar, data & communicates through drawing cartoons. The third brother is the clown. He loves his older brothers and is happy to do anything for them.

Put three dysfunctional brothers together and you have a what is commonly known as a “CAT-ASTROPHE!”. Strap yourself in for a high energy, fast paced, slapstick ride of choreographed musical lunacy. The three brothers combine music, theatre, cartoons & comedy. From belly dancers to pirates, from New Orleans jazz to West African drumming. From hip-hop surf parties on Bondi Beach, punk Japanese Taiko drumming. Only one question remains: “ARE YOU READY PEOPLE!


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