The Australia Day Voyages Concert is a concept of the VOYAGES concert was developed by PAN International.

Australia Day Concert 2012: What’s in your Suitcase?

Australia Day concert 2012

What’s in your suitcase?

January 26,2012 – 7pm- Sydney Myer Music Bowl

Since 2004 I have been staging the Australia Day Concerts in Melbourne. Each year a different theme is chosen to celebrate the rich cultural heritage that makes up our wonderful nation. Past themes have included: Stories of Migration, Bunjil the Eaglehawk, The Way of the Bagpipe, Just Me ’n My Guitar, Moon Cow (based on Oxen), Drum on Drum Oz, The Big Bang (Creation Stories) and last year we brought to you “Blow Your Horn for Australia Day”, through which a narrative explored the German link to our unofficial National Anthem Waltzing Matilda.

In 2012, the concert is titled “What’s In Your Suitcase?”, and includes the InterACT Arts Project. InterACT connects professional artists from different cultural backgrounds with community groups to develop a multi arts production which promotes diversity to main-stream audiences. The concept of the suitcase was borne out of workshops with many residents in different parts of Melbourne. In these workshops we unpacked the notion of the “suitcase” where we explored culture, identity, memories and stories that make up Australia today.

A suitcase conjures up many things in people’s minds. As the son of Greek immigrants how often did I hear my parents exclaim the overly used cliché “We came here with Just a Suitcase In One Hand” and a relatively empty one at that. I am sure we all connect some way or another with a suitcase.

As I explore these ongoing themes it never ceases to amaze me as humans just how much more we have in common than difference.

Australia Day is a day to celebrate the past and present but more importantly it is a day to celebrate all things in a fun and exciting
new way. Tonight we have many surprises. We invite you to all join in during the sing-a-long to many of Australia’s favourite songs,
and if you don’t know the words then just sit back and watch as the suitcase begins to tell you the stories of the songs you will hear during the contemporary medley.

Happy Australia Day!

What’s In Your Suitcase?

Peter Mousaferiadis