5 Ways to Shine as an Entry-Level Planner

It can be difficult to stand out at a company that has multiple departments and hundreds of employees, but it isn’t impossible. If you work at a large event agency and follow these 5 simple tips, you will ensure you will shine! 1. Take Stock Of The Situation I don’t know about you, but I…

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The Story of Our Planet Unfolds

A multifaceted photographic exhibition showcasing the work of internationally acclaimed photographer Michael Hall on the challenge of climate change.

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Event Marketing Guide: 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Event

Make your event stand out online with our comprehensive event marketing guide. Learn the 10 most effective ways to promote your event using technology…

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Proven Ways of Using Beacons to Redefine the Event Experience

By OSCAR CEREZALES | Engaging audiences as the key challenge in the paradigm shift the meetings market is facing: formats, layouts, technology, presentations, speakers, co-creation, networking, interaction, new generations

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Docklands Winter Festival – Fireworks

Enjoy winter entertainment and fireworks under the stars at Docklands.

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5 Tips for Setting and Managing Project Expectations

Learn these essential tips for setting and managing project expectations and delivering them on-time and within budget.

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13 Tips to Keep Attendees Until the Conference Close

As an Event Manager you work hard to carefully craft the schedule for every single event and to ensure that every single minute counts. With this in mind it is frustrating when attendees make an early dart to leave the conference, often missing out on important content and information. So…

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Eventgrid: Online Ticketing Platform [Review]

Eventgrid is an online registration and ticketing platform for conferences, seminars, concerts, tours and festivals. Here is our review. The online event registration market is a highly competitive area which is constantly developing and evolving to meet the demands of Event Planners. A… Read more

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11 Tips for Better Event Floral

Nothing brightens up a day, or an event space, like beautiful floral. But does a rose by any name smell just as sweet? Not necessarily! In this blog post we share tips on how to buy better event florals. Live and Reusable? While everyone loves the bright splash of cut flowers, live arrangements…

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Event Swag: From Drag to Brag in Four Steps

Love them or hate them, promotional event products are the bread and butter of the event industry, worth over $17 billion. A good product can entice interest and create a positive impression for your brand. A bad product can put customers off, erode goodwill and create waste. So how do you increase…

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